Recent Update on Lovelane’s Quarantine

lovelane-logo-250xFebruary 25, 2016

Update on the quarantine currently in place at Lovelane.

Please check back here for weekly updates.

Lovelane is under quarantine to arrest the spread of the equine illness known as Strangles.

Strangles is a highly contagious illness for horses and cannot be spread to humans or other animals.

Lovelane introduced a new horse to the property on January 21, 2016 after he was carefully vetted at his original home. Over the following weekend, the horse showed some signs of respiratory allergy or illness. His test results from the veterinarian came up positive for strangles at which point Lovelane was placed under quarantine, the horse was isolated in a protected paddock 35 feet from other horses and within a short amount of time was moved off the property to recuperate under medical supervision.

After 26 days in quarantine, another horse has developed symptoms and has tested positive and we have since tested another 4 horses. Results will typically take 3-7 days to return.

To contain the spread of the illness, we are closing our doors until at least March 8th so that we can separate the herd, implement barn sterilization and thoroughly clean all tack, buckets, and tools that come in contact with our horses.

If you are a volunteer who comes in contact with other horses, we recommend that you do not come to Lovelane until we have the “all clear” sign from our veterinarian.  Please remember that this illness is contagious amongst horses- not people or other animals.  If you would still like to come to Lovelane to volunteer to assist the barn staff during this time with cleaning, stalls, or other things (we could probably use your help!) please let Cassie and Lisa know, and we will get back to you.

If you are a student: Our plan for now is to shut down all lessons and programs until at least March 8th.   We will email update you as the situation with any changes or unfolds.

We will consider opening for lessons when we have done as thorough a job as possible cleaning our facility, and when we have a plan for horses to be used in lessons and staff/volunteers to carry them out with the highest quality that we have grown to expect here at Lovelane.

For all of our Friends:

Thank you for all of the amazing generosity and well-wishes and tips we have already received from you.

Due to the costly set back this will have on our program, we greatly appreciate any introductions to any foundations, corporations or private entities that might help support this unexpected disruption of our services to our many families. Please let us know  by calling Eliza Wall at 781-259-1177 x 24 or by email at