Assistant Barn Manager

The primary function of this position is to provide horse care for Lovelane’s horses and their environment and to assist the
Barn Manager. This position supports the functions of Facility & Barn Manager in all daily tasks and helps to ensure
Lovelane’s horses are receiving the best care possible.
This is a part-time, non-exempt 25 hour per week (regular part-time) position.
This position reports to the Barn and Facility Manager and has no direct reports.
→ Care for all of the horses at Lovelane and provide a clean and safe environment.
→ Follow barn schedule and execute barn chores including, but not limited to: cleaning stalls, picking paddocks,
dump/scrub/fill water, sweep, measure & feed grain, feed hay, turnout horses, pick hooves, administer medications.
→ Provide basic equine first aid.
→ Manage any horse health or facilities emergency that may arise and contact Barn and Facility Manager to notify
them of the issue.
→ Exercise horses as needed and appropriate for their conditioning goals: lunge, free lunge, and/or ride.
→ Coordinate tack needs for the day’s lessons, keep tack clean and in proper, safe working conditions.
→ Be observant for, manage appropriately and communicate any health issues (including injury/behavior/shoeing,
etc.) that may require consultation by a veterinarian and/or farrier.
→ Help tack, lead and/or sidewalk in lessons if/when needed.
→ Supervise, manage and work with Lovelane’s team of assigned volunteers to safely carry out tasks
o Make sure volunteers have helpful tasks to do to fill their time
o Work alongside volunteers and check in on their progress
o Show/train volunteers how to execute various chores
o Be a Lovelane ambassador and help to engage our volunteers in Lovelane’s mission
→ In inclement weather, salt or sand parking areas when needed
→ Blanket horses appropriately depending on weather
→ Close facility at end of day
o Make sure all tack is put away at end of night
o Turn lights off/lock up
→ Support the needs of instructors for lessons as well as the horse exercisers
→ Be able to demonstrate safety measures to volunteers and students in the barn.
→ Respond helpfully to all vendors including vet, farrier, hay and shavings delivery
→ Respond promptly to any communications (email, voicemail, text etc.)
→ Daily care of 2 barn cats, feeding, water, litter box
→ Must be 21 years or older
→ 5 years horse industry work history
→ 25 hours must include a shift on either Saturday or Sunday.
→ Must have experience with horse care, horse handling and be knowledgeable of horse behavior
→ Excellent communication and interpersonal skillsBelieve with us!
40 Baker Bridge Road, Lincoln, MA 01773 781.259.1177 fax 781.259.4877
→ Must be able to prioritize responsibilities, organize workload and respond promptly to with urgent situations
requiring immediate attention
→ Able to tack and lead horses in therapeutic horseback riding lessons
→ Work cooperatively
→ Lift up to 50 lbs
→ Must work collaboratively and foster a team environment.
→ Bachelor’s degree in equine science or related field preferred, but not required

To apply,  email your cover letter and resume to