Twelve-year-old Anika has epilepsy and gross, fine motor, speech, and language delays. She rides weekly in therapeutic sessions and participates in Barn Buddies—an unmounted program for small groups that promotes physical, emotional and social growth.

Lovelane is more than just therapy for our special needs children; we are committed to making the biggest impact on each and every child we serve both in the ring and beyond. We hope you will continue to be a part of this unique and impactful opportunity for the hundreds of families that come to Lovelane each year.

Please consider renewing or increasing your support this year.

$50 - Provides one week of grain for 1 horse

$100 – Purchases riding helmets for two students

$250 – Provides shoeing for one horse for 6 weeks

$500 – Allows one child to attend a summer workshop

$1,000 – Provides average tuition assistance for one student for one semester

$2,500 – Provides food, vet care and shoeing for one therapy horse for 1 month

$5,000 – Provides a full year scholarship for one student