This is something we CAN do together!


M.E was born with cerebral palsy and a complex neurological and developmental profile. M.E has many challenges she confronts every day, including navigating the world with a walker, trying to be understood, and making the world accessible.

M.E. is someone who is full of love, kindness and who has a big beaming smile that propels her through life. Lovelane has provided her an inclusive community that is not only her “happy place” but an environment that teems with positive energy. The welcoming and nurturing Lovelane community includes her riding instructors and therapists, the dedicated, role-model volunteers, other riders and their families ... and of course, the horses!

We are thankful recipients of Lovelane’s Tuition Assistance Program.

Lovelane works to ensure every family in need benefits from their Tuition Assistance Program. We hope you will consider donating to Lovelane’s Tuition Assistance program.

When Lovelane re-opens following the national Coronavirus crisis, we expect many returning families will require additional assistance. Many families who were once able to afford lessons at Lovelane will be in need.