Lovelane received a four-year  grant from the Cummings Foundation in the amount of $100,000.

Lovelane’s lesson program serves 91 students weekly, 35 additional children participate in an un-mounted therapeutic mentoring program. Lovelane partners with local non-profits including The Cotting School, The LABB  Group and The Perkins School for the Blind. We also offer summer workshops combining off-horse social pragmatic classes with therapeutic riding sessions. Lovelane has a waiting list of 251 students, demonstrating both the need for this unique therapeutic approach and the value parents and their physicians place in its outcomes. Once in our program, children stay for an average of 10 years. This high rate of re-enrollment each semester demonstrates the significance that this particular therapy has in the lives of our clients and their families.

This amazing grant has ensured that our pediatric population is able to continue to receive high quality therapeutic riding benefits.