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When the words Spina Bifida were said during our 20-week ultrasound we were in shock. We were told that due to the severity of our baby’s condition she would most likely need a wheelchair.
It was during Francesca’s one-year appointment – after multiple surgeries and countless trips to the hospital – that a nurse practitioner told us we needed to put our name on the waitlist at Lovelane. Our newest doctor thought that therapeutic horseback riding would help immensely with her core strength. Admittedly, I was hesitant. The idea of putting my baby on a horse was terrifying. I was hoping that once she actually saw a horse she would not want to get on. That did not happen. It was love at first sight!

Instantly, visiting Lovelane became the highlight of her week. She is her best self at Lovelane. She is outgoing and confident. She feels supported and cared for by the staff. Her medical team has credited her riding at Lovelane to helping her recover from surgery, gaining strength and improving her balance. As her parents, the smile on her face when she rides would have been enough.

We are thankful for the generous Tuition Assistance Program at Lovelane. Having a child with a disability can cause many changes to one’s life. For us it has meant moving states, home remodeling, and a career change to name a few. It is always a balancing act of competing priorities. We are very grateful that Lovelane has been able to ease the burden of such decisions.

Please support Lovelane’s Tuition Assistance Program, so that children like Francesca can receive the highly beneficial therapy provided at Lovelane regardless of their family’s financial situation.

Liesje Quino, Francesca’s mom

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