Telephone #781-259-1177

Kristen Carmichael, Assistant Barn Manager x29

Cassie Clarke, Program Director x34  

Rebekah Carlson, Assistant Barn Manager x29
Hannah Conquest, Program Coordinator x23
Tracy Coughlin, Assistant Barn Manager x29
Megan Donovan, Executive Director  x22
Stephen Doyle, Director of Finance and Business Administration x27
Ericka Ford, Barn & Facilities Manager x29
Danielle Pickett, Database Administrator x28
Micaela Reilly, Assistant Barn Manager x29
Elsie Rodney, Horse Trainer
Izzie Rose, Instructor-in-Training
Debby Sabin, Founding Director x25
Eliza Wall, Director of Development x24
Lisa Williams, Volunteer Manager x26
Keri-Lynn Yonika, Instructor- in-Training

Our Spring Instructors

Medical Advisory Committee

Harry Webster, MD, FAAP, MPH
Pediatric Service,Tufts Medical Center

Allie Schwartz, MD
Co-Director, Mass General Down Syndrome Program
Massachusetts General Hospital

Lovelane’s Honorary Board Members

Lynn Dayton
Carol Fassino 
Corinne Basler
Brian Kelly
Kim Pallotta
Elsie Rodney
Stan Sabin*